Friday, October 19, 2007

Austin Leads Way in Energy Efficiency

When we think of conserving energy and reducing pollution it needs to be taken sreiously! This article is about new code changes that will reduce energy use by 65 percent in new homes. It is said in the article Austin is the first city to do this. They are hoping that these changes will reduce total energy used bt 11 percent in each new home. The first changes will focus on heating and air conditioning, 40 percent of electricity consumption in Austin homes. This is a great start to what we can accomplish when it comes to reducing pollution. It is such a shame that in our world we hold the the knowledge to convert all of our energy consumption over to more coservative ways yet we do not.

Why does it cost so much for solar paneling? Why can we not make it affordable? In a situation like this we have to remove money as an obsatcle, our survival depends on it. We have brought so much sickness to ourselves in the way we live. It is amazing we survive at all. I think that these new code changes are great but money still plays to big a part in it for us to see big changes. I am aware that money is important but in this case our survivla should come out ahead. Visit this article at

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