Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harris County sued over First Amendment

I do agree with my classmates discussion on Harris County losing the lawsuit over the bible on the monument, but I can also see why this women was upset. http://texasgovtevolution.blogspot.com/

Her name is Kay Staley and she sued Harris County in 2003 because a monument had a bible King James Version, outside of a courthouse. She wins with a 2-1 ruling that the monument violated the First Amendment. It says Congress can not make a law respecting building an establishment of religion. The monument was put there to honor a man for all of his dedication to the homeless. I have to agree with my classmate when she says people will sue over anything! That is an unfortunate reality and this women is no exception.

Since this is a monument to honor someone and his beliefs it should in no way offend anyone. She is not being pushed or told to believe this way. If it was just a random Bible placed out in plain view, open for the public then that could be a true violation. With that being said the monument should stay up and honor a man who gave so much.

On the other side I can see this woman knew the law and apparently this was a violation. I always say the law is the law whether we like it or not.