Friday, November 16, 2007

Kids Health Bill

One of my classmates chose to comment on an article concerning children's health care. I think it is a very important topic and I have some opinions of my own to share. This article,, states that the lawmakers are attempting to override Bush's veto for a children's healthy insurance program, Chip, to expand it's resources. President Bush refuses to agree to "any version of the health insurance bill if it is funded by tobacco tax increase, which is virtually certain under any revised plan". I wonder why he would say such a thing? My classmate wrote a very good article but I have to say I disagree with his response.

This article makes me very emotional, being a single mom I struggle to insure my child. Health insurance is very expensive, without programs like CHIP many families would go without. Being the President of the United States Bush does not understand what it feels like to struggle and budget to fit in necessities like health insurance. Where has all the compassion gone? Our country desperately needs better health care options for our children. We need to just figure it out and budget for our children's future.

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