Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harris County sued over First Amendment

I do agree with my classmates discussion on Harris County losing the lawsuit over the bible on the monument, but I can also see why this women was upset. http://texasgovtevolution.blogspot.com/

Her name is Kay Staley and she sued Harris County in 2003 because a monument had a bible King James Version, outside of a courthouse. She wins with a 2-1 ruling that the monument violated the First Amendment. It says Congress can not make a law respecting building an establishment of religion. The monument was put there to honor a man for all of his dedication to the homeless. I have to agree with my classmate when she says people will sue over anything! That is an unfortunate reality and this women is no exception.

Since this is a monument to honor someone and his beliefs it should in no way offend anyone. She is not being pushed or told to believe this way. If it was just a random Bible placed out in plain view, open for the public then that could be a true violation. With that being said the monument should stay up and honor a man who gave so much.

On the other side I can see this woman knew the law and apparently this was a violation. I always say the law is the law whether we like it or not.

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Jeremy Henry said...

I do not believe that religious beliefs should be pushed upon anyone; however with that being said everyone has the right to believe what they choose. It is what makes us who we are. It is not a monument of the Bible, so what is there to get upset about? I want to sue the people who sue for stupid reasons and sue the courts for not throwing them out on their asses and telling them to stop trying to use the system to get a free dollar. Did she donate the money to the homeless or her savings account?